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Living in a dog or cat toilet driving you this crazy? Just $2.99 will stop you from tearing your hair out!

I know at times the embarrassing smell of doggie doo in your home feels like the problem is this big. Just $2.99 will give you a cheap, easy, proven answer.

Here's a proven way to reclaiming a sweet smelling home

. . . from your dog, after smelly "dog accidents" inside the house - especially if you are slowly going nuts because your dog keeps on doing it!

We all hate that annoying, embarrassing smell that is left behind in our homes after cleaning up an unexpected mess, no matter how much we love our furry friend(s).

Unfortunately, whether or not we have traced the cause, we are still facing a major problem. The smell remains, the dog still relieves itself in the same spot, and it needs to be re-trained to go outside . . . a long and frustrating procedure which, unless you have the patience of Job, will leave you angry and your dog feeling battered and/or bruised. We've all been there!

So here is the answer you have been praying for. After endless testing, I came up with a sure-fire answer that will leave your dog relieving itself in the right place and your nerves totally calmed. Even more desirable, you, your family and vistors will be enjoying a house smelling like roses (or any other smell that you - not your dog - care to choose).

Don't worry - at a mere $2.99 it won't break your bank and the ingredients are as cheap as chips, regardless of where or what country you live. It's an answer that will last you for the rest of you life and for as many dogs as you lovingly own over that period. What better value could you ask for?

Click the 'Buy Now' button for your copy of the sure-fire answer to a great, dog-friendly, smell-free home.

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