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A special tip from Carole

Affordable & effective parasitic control

Going natural for flea, tick, mosquito and mite control is the most affordable and cost-effective protection available for your dog.

Compare the cost of an Easy Defense Tag with its one year life span against the expense of other flea and parasitic control medications, which must be continually reapplied on a regular basis. Not only will it save you money, it also offers these additional benefits:

  • Completely safe for your pet with no possible side effects
  • Repels mosquitoes in addition to fleas and ticks
  • Guaranteed to protect your pet from biting insects e.g. mites.

Important Note - If Your Pet Has Fleas:

The Easy Defense Tag is designed for flea and tick prevention, not eliminating infestations. If your pet is already infested by fleas, this means their environment is also infested, and the flea and tick tag on its own will not be enough to remove the infestation. To eliminate existing flea infestations, we strongly recommend complementing the tag with other natural flea removal products:

The Easy Defense Flea & Tick Tag takes just three weeks to activate, and must be clipped to a flea and tick free dog who is kept flea and tick free for the duration of the activation period until protection clicks in.

The tag offers long-lasting protection for your pooch and you will not only gain a happy healthy dog but gain more for your buck. Just clip it on and forget it!

Surrounded by fleas at home? Don't just blame your dog! Here's the 3-Step solution to eliminating your flea infestation

A flea infestation cycle goes a bit like this
It's a dire situation that can't go on. It's time for action. So what to do? And where to start?
Getting rid of fleas is a 3-step process | A video with useful information about commercial flea and pest control

The most common thing about flea infestations is that they have a habit of creeping up on people.

Most of us lead busy lives, and we may not notice that our cat or dog is scratching a lot more than usual, but we quickly begin to notice when fleas starting biting us and our kids.

Flea and Tick Tag which once fully activated and atuned to your pet (7 to 21 days) will give full flea, tick and mosquito protection for up to one year.

Unfortunately, by then, it is all too late, because fleas multiply like crazy and in less than a week, it is possible for families to end up with a full blown flea infestation with literally hundreds of fleas in residence.

Infestations are indicative of "owners allowing pets to venture outside without proper flea control".

And if pets are not protected, it is inevitable that they will fall prey to the opportunistic hitching nature of fleas, which are carried by the wildlife in the outside surrounds of where you and your pet live, or where you walk your dog.

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A flea infestation cycle goes a bit like this

  • Unprotected Fido is allowed outside and eventually falls victim to fleas from flea infested wildlife in your yard or when you are taking him for a walk.
  •  Flea indoor cysle from
  • Fido becomes a walking flea colony and within days, your home becomes a haven for thousands of fleas.
  • 5% of fleas in your home will be on your pet, the remaining 95% will be setting up home within your home.
  • You are being bitten, your kids are being bitten and everyone is itchy and scratching.
  • Your house and contents will be full of flea dirt (dried blood).
  • Humans and pets will now be exposed to the diseases carried by fleas.

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It's a dire situation that can't go on. It's time for action. So what to do? And where to start?

Getting rid of fleas and keeping fleas out of your home can be a tiresome and annoying process, but well worth the time and effort you put into it. However it can be a bit of a catch 22 situation, because there is very little point in just treating Fideo without treating inside your home, e.g. carpets, curtains, furniture, beds and the outside surrounds, e.g. sand pits, garden sheds, pet hutches and garden furniture etc.

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Getting rid of fleas is a 3-step process

It is imperative that you treat all three areas in tandem.

 Shampoo & conditioner have 70% organic ingredients, neem oil & other natural herbs to help repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes & more. Available

Treat your pet

Bath your dog with a herbal shampoo and conditioner. The trick here is to lather up your pet and leave the shampoo on for a minimum of five minutes at least. Any less and you are wasting your time. Five minutes are needed to completely drown all adult fleas and kill all of the off-spring in the flea's life cycle.

Use a Herbal Spot-on Treatment and simultaneously attach a Flea and Tick Tag, which once fully activated and atuned to your pet (7 to 21 days) will give full flea, tick and mosquito protection for up to one year

Protecting your pet from pests has never been easier thanks to the long-lasting, natural power of this essential oil infused collar available from

Treat inside your home

Your most effective weapon of choice should be your vacuum cleaner. Fleas hate vacuum cleaners and in the first instance try vacuuming two or three times each and every day for at least nine days. Flea eggs take three days to hatch, so nine days will cover up to three cycles. Once you have everything under control every alternate day should suffice.

Turn your vacuum cleaner into a flea killing machine and vacuum, vacuum and vacuum. Fleas and their off-spring are pretty adept at slipping through the net, so to be on the safe side I recommend that you put an Only Natural herbal Flea and Tick Repellent Dog Collar in the vacuum cleaner bag. When full make sure you tape the bag up tightly and dispose of it off your property.

Treat the outside surrounds of your home

One excellent method of getting rid of fleas in the outside surrounds of your property, is to flood your lawns and gardens to drown them and then follow up with outdoor flea sprays, powder, or cedar chips, Granules or oil. And don't forget to treat outdoor furniture, garden sheds, tool sheds and pet hutches.

And finally, you always have the option of Googling or ringing around for a pest control operator who specialises in non toxic sprays e.g. Cedarwood Oil, which will not harm your kids, pets and or plants.

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A video with useful information about commercial flea and pest control


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