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All about periodontal grades

How periodontal disease (gum disease) is graded and treated

There are a number of factors used to assess the oral health of dogs and to allocate periodontal grades to each one checked.

These include:

  • The symptoms of gum disease, e.g. the health of the gums.
  • The depth of the pockets between the gum and the teeth (this is measured using a calibrated probe. In a dog with healthy gums the normal depth is 2-3 mm.
  • The x-ray results.
  • The amount and distribution of plaque and calculus.

After assessing these criteria, the severity of periodontal disease present can be determined and a probable outcome or prognosis made.

Periodontal grades and treatment chart

For ease of understanding where your dog's current dental diagnosis fits, we have prepared the following chart as a general guide to periodontal grades.

Key to periodontal grades and treatment chart

*Subgingival = under the gum line.
**Gingival sulcus = the "pocket" formed between the tooth and the gum.
***Gingivectomy = surgical removal of gum tissues.

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