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Prevention of periodontal (gum) disease

What YOU can do to prevent gum disease in your Dog

Fortunately, this very common disease is preventable because there are many things responsible and informed pet owners can do to ensure their dogs maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Here are some suggestions:

Check your dog's mouth regularly

Check your dog's mouth regularly, to see that none of the symptoms of gum disease are present - one or more symptoms indicates that your pet needs urgent veterinarian treatment for gum disease.

Avoid feeding soft or sticky foods

As with humans, soft sticky foods left on dogs teeth and gums causes the formation of plaque. Either avoid feeding these types of food to your pets, or otherwise be prepared to brush their teeth immediately after eating.

Establish a daily routine of brushing your dog's teeth

Learn to brush your dog's teeth daily. Please check out our sections on home dental care and how to brush your dog's teeth correctly for more details.

Use creative and attractive alternatives to brushing

If brushing is not possible and you must feed soft food, always follow up with a hide chew bar e.g. a pig's ear or a raw chicken's wing, both of which will help remove soft food from its teeth and get its saliva flowing.

Raw bones

Feed your dog raw bones 2-3 times per week. chewing on bones is the most natural way for a dog to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Please check our section on Dog's diet and Raw bones for more details.

Annual check-ups

Ask your vet to check your pet's teeth as part of its annual examination and listen to the advice given with regard to the appropriate treatment recommended to maintain/or restore your pet's teeth and gums to good health.

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