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Everything you need to know
about puppy breath

What is in puppy breath that makes it so irresistable?

The delightful and addictive smell of puppy breath is a combination of mild puppy food and the mother's milk.

Sadly puppy breath only lasts a few months. Once growing pups eat stronger foods and plaque and calculus/tartar starts to accumulate on their teeth, their breath is no longer sweet-smelling and pure.

For those of us that love puppy breath here are some tips to help keep our growing pup's breath as appealing for as long as possible

Tip 1

Start cleaning/brushing their teeth as soon as soon as you adopt your puppy. Please see our segment on How to clean your dogsteeth.

Tip 2

Clean your pup's teeth at least once a day, preferrably immediately afte it has eaten. Please see our segment on Dog dental care.

Tip 3

If it isn't possible to clean/brush your pup's teeth after it has eaten, try to finish off its meal with a raw bone e.g. chicken necks or a natural hide chew bar e.g. a pigs ear. Please see our segment on Your dogs diet.

Tip 4

Always feed your puppy good quality natural or organic food. Please see our section on Allergy free dog foods.

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