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Dry Food for Dogs

Natural dry kibble, dehydrated, air-dried and raw pet food available from a variety of manufacturers. Paleo-inspired, organic, grain-free, weight management, and many other special formulas for your dog - the ingredients are pre-screened so you don't have to!

  • Nutrition is the foundation of good health for our animal companions
  • Dogs are almost biologically identical to their wolf ancestors, so they thrive on a diet of raw, uncooked ingredients
  • "The ideal dog diet is based on the prey model: good quality animal protein and fat, and very little carbohydrate" ~ Dr. Jean Hofve

Natural Remedies For Dogs With Seasonal Allergies and Itching

Fighting seasonal allergies with seven steps  |  Diet change   Essential fatty acids - Omegas-3,6,9 |  Vitamin E" |  Digestive enzymes and probiotics
Daily greens |  Chinese herbs |  Oatmeal Shampoo


Available from and made fresh in New Zealand from high quality meat, these high protein, freeze dried, grain free toppers feature 90-100% meat and can easily be sprinkled over your dog's food for a tasty, nutrition packed addition.

Our six-year old Border Collie cross called Reilly, has allergies. Every summer from July through to September or October he goes crazy!

He licks his front legs and gets hot spots on his hind legs that he licks until they are raw and hairless.

He also scratches at his mouth until his gums swell up and sometimes bleed. Reilly also tends to throw up easily during these months. Our vet has done allergy tests and Reilly tested positive for various grasses, weeds, certain shrubs and foods.

We were advised to put him on a prescription diet of fish and potatoes from the vet, but last summer he was as bad as ever - we had to fit him with an Elizabethan collar to keep him from scratching himself raw.

Are there any natural remedies or supplements that could help poor Reilly be more comfortable this summer?

The Patrick Family
Phoenix, AZ.

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Fighting seasonal allergies with seven steps


Dear Patrick Family,

Seasonal allergies are usually caused by inhalants or fleas and there are supplements and natural remedies you can use to help Reilly with these kinds of allergies.

However, healthy dogs with good immune systems are not anywhere near as attractive to fleas as dogs with unhealthy immune systems so it would be a good idea to give Reilly's diet a bit of boost at the same time as you are treating him for fleas and ticks and other parasites such as mosquitos and mites in tandam with treatments for inhalants.

All Natural Raw Nibblets, available now at - features all grass-fed, ranch raised meat. No grains, additives or preservatives.

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Diet Change

Dogs are no different to us in terms of, we are, and they are, what they eat.

Many dogs with allergies improve dramatically once their owners start introducing a specie specific diet as Mother Nature intended.

Four years ago I had the good fortune to rescue two little Maltese-Shih-Tzu litter sisters called Molly and Rosie. They were only four months old and still young enough to swap to what I call my version of the Barf Diet.

Available from and made fresh in New Zealand from high quality meat, these high protein, freeze dried, grain free toppers feature 90-100% meat and can easily be sprinkled over your dog's food for a tasty, nutrition packed addition.

The Barf Diet pretty much follows a raw diet which is similar to what my Mum used to give our cat and dog when I was a young kid living in country New Zealand.

Molly and Rosie eat human grade raw meat and soft juicy meaty bones such as chicken necks and beef brisket bones.

However I am always running out of fresh meat and I find K9 Natural Frozen Raw Niblets - which come in beef, chickeni and lamb varieties - and K9 Natural Freeze Dried Dog Toppers - which come in beef, lamb and lamb tripe varieties - are a natural fit in our family freezer and pantry.

And the best bit of all, is that our supplier has a special deal going with their freight company that protects frozen foods from spoilage.

Remember when suspecting food as an allergen, always avoid feeding dogs like Reilly any foods with excessive carbohydrates or grains in them. Many commercial dog food manufacturers add cheap carbohydrate fillers to their dog foods and herein lies a multitude of allergy problems for dogs. Dogs are born carnivores and I have yet to see a carnivore in the wild eating food which contain grains.

Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3,6,9 available from - an advanced multi-fatty acid supplement for dogs in soft gel capsules with a blend of natural fish, borage, and flaxseed oils.

All dogs are different when it comes to allergies and how they respond to various remedies. Expect things to be a bit of a hit and miss until you sort out which raw meats agree best with Reilly, even those which he tested allergic to in the past.

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Essential fatty acids - Omegas-3,6,9

Essential Fatty Acids decrease inflammation and offer support for dogs' immune systems which in turn helps dogs like Reilly suffering with allergies.

The best sources are fish, flax and coconut oils. My girls Molly and Rosie love all three and can't wait to lap any one of them from a dessert spoon.

A blend of essential fatty acid rich pure oils designed to support a lustrous coats and healthy skins for dogs.

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E compounds the benefits of the fish oil, and is an excellent antioxidant. 400 International Units (I.U.) per day is recommended.

Vitamin E plays a very essential role in supporting Reilly's health. Just like other fat soluble vitamins, vitamin E supports his immune system and prevents common canine health problems, such as unhealthy skin and coat developing, which can easily come about due to lack of deficiencies.

I find Halo easy to use. It's a bit like making a cake or scrambled eggs, I just slurp a a teaspoon or so over the girl's food before I put their dishes down and they wash it down with everything else.

You can buy Vitamin E online for Reilly as part of All Natural Pet Ultimate Daily Canine Vitamins Plus which make excellent treats.

Or, alternatively, you can buy a bottle of VitaGlo Dream Coat and pour it over his food as mentioned above.

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Digestive enzymes and probiotics

Provide your dog with digestive support with this supplement featuring all natural enzymes and probiotics from Perfect for pets on medication or pets experiencing stress.

Always use a Pet Wellness Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Blend during the transition period from processed food to raw food and consider continuing the treatment for several months to allow for Reilly's gut to adjust and heal.

I take digestive enzymes and probiotics myself and I have always given them to my girls. If Reilly were my dog I would continue to give them to him for the rest of his natural life.

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Daily greens

Daily greens ingredients help supply nutrients that may be missing from Reilly's diet and are an ideal solution for dogs who like to eat grass.

Available from - use our Skin blend to extinguish wind, supply nourishment to the blood and stimulate blood movement  for healthy skins and coast for dogs.

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Chinese herbs

In Traditional Chinese Medical terms Reilly is suffering from wind (itching), heat (redness), damp (oozing), and blood deficiency (dryness and poor coat) problems.

If your pooch is suffering from stress or anxiety do take a look at our Natural Pet Chinese Herbal Blend "Calm" to support Reilly's system through the healing process.

A penetrating shampoo from www.carolesdoggie that contains 3.8% Colloidal Oatmeal. Ideal for itching, dryness, scaling and certain types of dermatitis.

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Oatmeal Shampoo

During Reilly's worst months you may need to bathe him frequently to remove allergens from his skin and coat. Use an Oatmeal shampoo that soothes his skin, lather him up and massage the shampoo through his coat for five minutes.

Thoroughly rinse him off and lather him up again with an Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Creme Rinse & Conditioner and once again massage it through his coat.

Use the time to reinforce bonding with Reilly and talk to him in a soothing manner to keep him calm and relaxed.

I am sure when natural remedies are used in conjunction with a nutritious diet, Reilly will enjoy a healthier life-style.

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This article and information forms part of the Carole's Doggie World Holistic Library and is presented for informational purposes only.The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your local vet. Instead, the content offers the reader information researched and written by Carole Curtis for

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