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Are you vertically challenged getting rid of fleas in your curtains and drapes?

Whilst fleas love to live and lay their eggs on pets and carpets, they are equally at home in curtains and drapes.

We hang curtains and drapes to keep the sun out in summer and the warm air in during winter. In doing so, we inadvertently provide a perfect haven for fleas to set up home - warmth and accumulated dust, year in and year out.

The accumulation of dust comes from the fact that people tend to only wash or dry-clean curtains and drapes during an annual spring clean.

If your home has fleas don't stop with the family pet, carpets and furniture, carry on and do an early spring clean.

Most curtains can be safely washed at home in a washing machine. however it is advisable to check labels for any specific directions/laundry instructions before you start.

The fabric of your drapes and their size will be the determining factors of whether you can wash your drapes safely at home or not. Again check labels for cleaning instructions.

Once your curtains and drapes are clean and rehung it's a good idea to give them a spray with an indoor flea repellant spray. Before you start, do a spot check first in an area that isn't noticeable - a good area to use is the turn section, which wont be noticed if your fabric reacts adversely to the spray.

You best weapon against fleas in your home is your vacuum cleaner, so once your curtains are nice and clean follow up with a through vacuuming, and then vacuum again and again, every time you think of it vacuum.

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