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Fleas love pets, but these days it's dead easy to get rid of them

Fleas love to make their home on domestic pets and if you have pets then be a responsible pet owner and make sure your pets are introduced to a flea protection/maintenance programme from the minute you adopt them.

Years ago it used to be a marathon to keep pets' flea free. Nowadays it's a breeze with a plethora of different safe and natural repellant products available from natural products.

As discussed in previous pages, if you have fleas in your home, you must look further than your pets as only 5% will be present on your furry companions.

In case you haven't perused this website in detail here is the diagram again, as a gentle reminder of where fleas in your home will be hanging their hats - check out our Three Step Elimination page.

At Stop the Fleas Blog we specialist in offering natural products to keep your pets protected.

In total we offer 65 different flea control and prevention products - these include the follow list and can be viewed and purchased online right here.

If left untreated your pets will be subjected to a life of misery. They will constantly scratch and gnaw at themselves in an effort to rid themselves of the itchy spots made by hungry biting fleas.

Prolonged scratching and gnawing is one of the main causes of hots spots in dogs, which very often become infected and if not treated loss of hair results

One flea can bite your pet up to 400 times a day and one female flea and its off-spring can be responsible for breeding and spreading 2 million fleas throughout your home in a period of 2 months.

It is possible for young animals to die of anaemia caused by loss of blood.

It is alsp very possible that your pets could get flea allergy dermatitis from the protein in fleas' saliva, or even experience an outbreak of hives.

Fleas on your pets can also carry infectious diseases such as tapeworms, and cat scratch fever which can be transmitted to you. Please read our page on Disease from Fleas.

And finally, once you have sorted out a safe flea control/maintenance program for your pet, your best line of defence against fleas on an on-going basis is your vacuum cleaner. Also, remember when your bag is full, seal it with tape and dispose of it off your property.

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