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Fleas in your home? You can't solve the problem without fighting the fleas in your carpets, rugs and mats

If you have fleas in your home don't blame the family pet because only 5% of the flea population in your home will be on your pet; the remaining 95% will be ensconced elsewhere.

Your carpets and other soft floor coverings are the one area in your home that fleas and their off spring will make a bee line for.

Carpet fibers are similar in make-up to animal fur/hair and even human body hair. In fact your carpets provide a perfect spot to pitch camp and start breeding.

Once flea eggs and larvae have set up camp, it is the devil's own job to get rid of them.

By their very nature they are tenacious little nasties and getting rid of them is far easier said than done. If you have an infestation you are best to over-do than under-do.

Off course it is a priority to treat your pet, but this must be done in tandem with cleaning and vacuuming your carpets.

first off bath your dog with a herbal shampoo and conditioner. The trick here is to lather up your pet and leave the shampoo on for a minimum of five minutes at least. Any less and you are wasting your time. Five minutes are needed to completely drown all adult fleas and kill all of the off-spring in the flea's life cycle.

Use a herbal spot-on treatment.

Most commercial cleaners have their own favourite product for getting rid of fleas. Obviously whatever is used should be safe for children and pets to walk on afterwards.

First off, find an area in a room; say behind the sofa that you could ask the cleaner to do a small test patch before he starts the main task. This way you can be confident that a good job will be done.

It is most important that a thorough clean is carried out, followed by rigorous vacuuming. This involves moving all furniture out so no areas are overlooked. If any eggs or larvae survive your onslaught, it will only be a matter of time before they hatch and jump straight back on your pet. And the vicious cycle will start all over again.

Your most effective weapon of choice should be your vacuum cleaner. Fleas hate vacuum cleaners and in the first instance try vacuuming each and every day; once you have everything under control every alternate day should suffice.

Fleas and their off-spring are pretty adept at slipping the net, so take care to seal tightly all full vacuum bags until you can dispose of them properly off your property.

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